Turning Values into Company Culture: 4 Powerful Values to Get Your Business Growing

You might have heard it a million times at this point, but company values are absolutely necessary in setting up a business. I get it — they’re probably not the most fun thing to think about. And while they’re not detailed blueprints of how to scale your business or reach your first million in profits, having company values is the first step to getting you there.

Why is this the case? Well, it’s really as simple as company values helping a team find its bearings, guiding a company in its continued growth, and nurturing a certain mindset in your employees, and also in yourself. Having company values is a reminder for what kinds of decisions to make, and how we make them.

That said, in the long time I’ve spent as an entrepreneur, I’ve found four company values that make sure I can lead the best I can, and I’d like to share them with you today. Hopefully, these values can help you determine what it is that your company holds dear.

1. Passion

In my businesses, I make sure to instil a culture of passion within my staff. To me, it’s very simple — business grows when you love what you do. If you’re passionate about anything, then you’ll do your best to make sure it grows, and the same applies in entrepreneurship.

I look to breed a culture of growth and fulfilment. If most people leave their jobs nowadays due to dissatisfaction or a lack of personal and professional growth, then the best way to keep them is by showing them that their work is something worth getting excited about every single day. Your team is your most valuable resource, so find ways to keep them motivated and convert them into passionate workers. You could start by recognising good performance and rewarding them in the right ways.

2. Excellence

At the same time, passion has to be balanced by actual competence. This is why I always make sure that my staff prioritise excellence. It’s important that they not only love their field, but succeed in it. Excellence also means never resting on your laurels; it calls upon continuous fine-tuning of processes, improving efforts and setting new limits for yourself.

As a leader, you want to make sure that you inspire a culture where people strive to be the best they can be. Good businesses are those that breed the mindset that nothing is final, and there’s always more greatness to strive towards.

3. Commitment

While passion starts your interest and excellence is its expression, neither matters if there isn’t any commitment. Sure, people can be passionate for a day, and people can always do good work. Valuing commitment makes sure that these aren’t just anomalies or special situations, but that employees choose to give their best consistently, over a long period of time.

Commitment is essential because it teaches even more important values. Resilience, patience, and dedication can’t be learned without commitment, and this is what makes it a core trait in any business or team.

4. Sustainability

Lastly, as we live in an ever-changing world, it’s important to make sure your business is sustainable. This doesn’t just mean scaling up or producing through ethical means, it necessitates that you know where your company is going.

Passion, excellence, and commitment will all fade if there’s no direction. If you value sustainability as a company quality, then your employees, too, will be able to align themselves with the company’s vision and long-term goals, and be assured that it’s always going up.

Company values should not just be listed on your website. Make sure everyone in your company believes and exemplifies them. Check out this video for more on company values: How Far Are Your Values Taking You?

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