Harnessing the Powerful Attributes of a Difference Maker

We’ve probably all experienced being passed over for something or someone considered “better.” Sure, this never feels good, but most times, we have to take a step back and regain perspective so that we’re better prepared for the next opportunity that comes our way. However, if you’re consistently getting passed over for that big project or promotion, maybe it’s time to look inward and uncover the great worker inside you.

But this brings up the question — when it comes to separating good workers from great ones, what’s the difference?

Well, the answer is in the difference that they make.

Face it — employers want difference makers. They’re always looking for people who can inject brave, decisive and original thinking into any task. But how can one start doing this? What attributes should you look to have to be considered a difference maker?

Difference Makers Ask the Right Questions

First of all, difference makers bring value and perspective, even in the questions they choose to bring to the fore. In other words, they leave useless questions at the door. That also means not being pedantic about questions that can be solved with common sense (or through simple Googling!), and asking questions that do little to solve any situation.

For example, a difference maker wouldn’t be content with just asking “who” or “what” questions. Rather, a difference maker always makes sure to ask the “whys” and “hows.” They question why certain things may be failing or underperforming, and then ask how lapses can be minimised and solutions can be implemented.

If you want to be a difference maker, you need to be able to consider things from various angles and ask how they can be improved in different ways. Steve Jobs didn’t look at the phone and think, “Let’s continue making phones like these.” He saw an opportunity to create something even bigger, and that he did — the iPhone, revolutionary in so many ways, has become the standard smartphone we see today.

It’s through this creative mindset that they’re able to identify problems, break them apart and start finding the right solutions. This is one key attribute of difference makers — they feel the responsibility towards making situations better.

They Claim Accountability

A creative, problem-solving mindset isn’t the only thing difference makers have in common. They embrace the unfamiliar and are often open to taking on more than their day-to-day tasks, because they recognise the learning opportunities inherent in new challenges. When something is going wrong, and no one seems to care to fix it, a difference maker is always the first person to put their foot forward and work on finding viable solutions.

Difference makers have an understanding that a small company problem could lead to an even bigger problem for them. They are the type of people that look at a small stain on a plate and know that it could lead to something much worse. But they do more than just pre-empt and plan; difference makers get right down to ideating and fixing.

This natural inclination towards preparation means that difference makers are always the readiest to go when it comes to handling bigger things. They get chosen for higher positions because employers know that they are ready for it.

How Employers Can Utilise Difference Makers

Now, if you’re an employer, how do you build a creative, problem-solving team? Simple. Nurture the difference makers in your midst. Seek out those who constantly try to improve their own work, raise questions that get others thinking and creating, offer solutions that can continually be built on and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks.

Look for those people who have the potential to make huge dividends from what they have. If you’re looking to bring your company to the next level, then build an environment that allows difference makers to thrive and encourages others to emulate them and learn from their powerful ways.

And I assure you, that will make all the difference.

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