Fullerton Markets Trades with a Heart of Gold

Fullerton Markets donated a portion of its trading volume made in September, to charity, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This project was part of the company’s Gold Trading Festival initiative, Trade with a Heart of Gold, to encourage gold trading and bring new investors into the market.

Fullerton Markets is committed to fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through its philanthropic arm, Fullerton Foundation. The foundation has helped people in many countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In November, 1000 pieces of COVID-19 test kits were donated to ZEN-DAI’s non-profit organisation to support their on-field COVID testing activities in local communities around Thailand.

Fullerton Markets’ Indonesia team also gave back to their fellow communities by purchasing necessities for about 100 families. In the season of giving of December, making a difference to those whose livelihoods have been affected by Covid is its top priority.

Before 2021 ended, visits were made to Gentle Hands in the Philippines, Phuc Lam Orphanage Center in Vietnam, and Rumah Aman in Malaysia as the various local teams brought different kinds of groceries and necessities to supplement the fundamental needs of the children.

“Giving back to the local community is one of the core values that Fullerton Markets has embraced,” said Mario Singh, CEO of Fullerton Markets. “Together we can build on the exciting successes we have achieved and make a difference to so many around us who need it most,” he added.

About Fullerton Markets International Limited

Fullerton Markets is an award-winning broker recognised for being a disruptive force in the trading industry. Committed to delivering unparalleled safety of funds, lightning-speed execution, and a reliable system of wealth creation, it offers its global clients direct access to the world’s financial market and promises price stability at competitive rates through its tier-one liquidity providers. Equipping clients with the necessary tools and knowledge, Fullerton Markets empowers traders to effectively compete in the market.

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Asia’s fastest-growing brokerage firm and disruptive force in the trading industry. Delivers unparalleled fund safety and world-class trading education.

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Fullerton Markets

Fullerton Markets

Asia’s fastest-growing brokerage firm and disruptive force in the trading industry. Delivers unparalleled fund safety and world-class trading education.

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