The market’s focus will be on fourth-quarter earnings this week. Stronger profit growth for economically sensitive stocks compared to technology players is expected.

The earnings period could test a theory that value and cyclicals are set to outperform tech stocks. It will also be a time when investors get a…

Fullerton Markets, a multi-asset online brokerage, has introduced the addition of Stock CFD — a new product giving its clients the potential to earn leveraged profits on both rising and falling stock prices.

Stock CFD (contract for differences) are derivative instruments that allow clients to trade based on the performance…

cryptocurrency trading chart

Cryptocurrencies have the tendency to explode and then implode at any given time. It’s probably the most exciting financial instrument for risk-takers and fearless traders. After all, the higher the risk, the bigger the rewards.

However, this doesn’t mean being risk-averse is bad for your portfolio’s health. This is especially…

Fullerton Markets

Asia’s fastest-growing brokerage firm and disruptive force in the trading industry. Delivers unparalleled fund safety and world-class trading education.

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