6 Tips to Help You Effectively Deliver Your Business Pitch Remotely

1) Simplify your slides (but don’t rely on them to tell your story)

2) Prepare, prepare, prepare

  • Prepare your product (or service): If you’re going with the less-slides-more-talk route, make sure you know right down to the minutest detail what you’re offering. Before your virtual pitch, write down on a series of cue cards short descriptions of who you are and what your product/service is, right through to what you can guarantee your product/service will offer. Also, leave one or two cue cards at the end for answers to any anticipated questions your prospects may have.
  • Prepare for your audience: Make sure you research the customer that you hope will want to avail your product/service. Seeing that you know about their company and who they are will put them at ease and help communicate your belief that your product/service can address specific pain points of theirs. Invest some time in visiting their website and even their social media pages.
  • Prepare your platform: Whatever video conferencing platform you’re using, ensure that you are in good command of its technical intricacies. There is nothing worse — especially if your pitch is centred on tech products — than if you, the seller, struggle to utilise tech in delivering your pitch on a commonly used platform.

3) Ensure top-notch video tech

4) Cut out the noise!

  • Pick the quietest room in your house or office, preferably away from whatever side of your dwelling is closest to noisy neighbours or a busy road.
  • Log into your session at least 15–30 minutes before your pitch is scheduled to start. Prepare your sound levels, making sure there is no buzz from your lighting rig if you have one, or any external noise.
  • If you are home schooling, try and arrange for a relative or friend to watch your kids for the duration of your virtual pitch. Unsupervised kids playing in another area of your house may distract you or your prospective buyer.
  • Mute other applications that may be open on your device. The last thing you want just as you reach the high point of your pitch is an email notification pinging across your audio feed.

5) Background check

6) Keep it natural



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